Skating for Sunderland, Panda style

2 Mar

I was mugged at Sunderland Ice Rink aged 14. Let that not be a reflection of this dress, nor the event for which it was made, but I do realise that there are no promises in this life…

Lady Skater the Second was born after in an idle moment contemplating the shock of Sunderland FC entering the League Cup Final (taking place today, if you’re interested!) I had already completed “semi-final top” which I meant to blog about prior to this, but in my arse-about-face way of doing things, it will have to follow later. Needless to say, the semi-final top was sewn while listening to radio commentary, with a lot of haste, fervour and expletives, none of which related to said garment, only the match being played.

Minerva Crafts once again produced the goods for the dress by way of a red, white and black jersey fabric and at only £4.99 a metre it meant that my inevitable disappointment would not cost me dearly. Football is a fickle mistress when Sunderland is your team.

Red, white and black lass

Red, white and black lass

Back to stitching. I did, of course, sew a Lady Skater Dress (my second, following on from the Lady Moo Skater Dress) all ready to wear at Wem-ber-lee. Cut a straight 4, as I did for Lady Moo, and a small back adjustment was needed so I thought, but apparently a bit of a bigger one would have been better. Once again, I dock my hat to lovelyAmanda of Kitschy Coo fame: this is a great pattern for a novice knits stitcher (try saying that quickly) and she is just SO helpful if you have any questions. The instructions are very detailed – just perfect for a simple sewing soul like me.

Pretending to skate on the patio

Pretending to skate on the patio

I’d actually cut the pattern before a few days in Denmark at half term. As I returned home looking like I’d squirrelled a fair few Danish pastries to midriff (because actually I had) I did wonder how it would fit. All OK. It might look better in a couple of weeks once the pastry effect has subsided. Unless I replace it with a Creme Egg habit. Has been known.

Like the back end of a ... skater dress

Like the back end of a … skater dress

So anyway, on to today. It’s the only Northern thing I’ve truly been able to give my children, much to their chagrin at times. Well, actually, a lot of the time. But they’ve stuck with it, bless them.  Slightly concerned that cameras may pan round and catch middle aged woman sobbing with young son at end of the match. You know how they like those shots? Joe Schmo and I are both weepers. Any sporting event or children singing tunes from Joseph and his Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat and I’m toast. I last wept at Wembley in 1998. It’s always the same: I know it will end in tears, but at least I got a nice frock out of it this time. Bon chance! I expect my next stitch will be a consolation dress 😉

Ha’way the lads.

‘Better things come to those who wait/Then appearness left for all too late
Greatness achieved, and darkness defeated/Ram shack crew with something to prove/And the truck blew up believe it’

[Band of Horses/Knock Knock]

PS Failed to get this posted before we set off, and sadly we were not victorious… but they played so well and for 55 minutes it was the most exciting sporting fixture of my life!

Awkward posing on the patio. Even worse on Instagram - you can see my face!

Awkward posing on the patio.


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