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Looks like Purple People Eater to Me!

31 May

IMG_2670Oh yes, Sheb Wooley, I’m after you! Here is my Tilly & the Buttons Coco dress – is it called a franken-dress, or is that just me in it?!

It’s a Coco top, shortened a wee bit, with a sort of Merchant and Mills Factory Dress skirt on the bottom. It’s what I call a result, after the trauma of my first Coco.  Last time, I managed to disfigure my fabric by drying it badly and then forcing my daughter to model it. This time I went for a more stable knit, using a lovely ponte roma bought from Plush Addict, and washed and dried it carefully.

It was a one-eyed, one-horned flyin' Purple People Eater!

It was a one-eyed, one-horned
flyin’ Purple People Eater!

Originally, I cut a funnel neck but I thought I looked a bit too much like a purple ET, so cut it out and used some black cotton ribbing I had lurking instead. I really liked the contrast – black/purple, purple/black – and added the ribbing to the cuffs too, using the lovely Amanda method (from Kitschy Coo), as detailed in her Lady Skater dress pattern.

So all’s well that ends well really: I had wanted this dress to be in a Kelly green (as I had pinned on one of my Pinterest boards) but thought it might be too bright, being a gal who favoured black for all seasons for most of her twenties and thirties. So I chose vibrant purple instead.

Despite cutting the same size Coco as before, this fabric behaved differently – just like my children, in fact. The end result is a little bit big, thus casting it into the “roast dinner dress” corner of my wardrobe. It also functions as a giant nighty, which means on all these balmy Spring days that have so far eluded most of the British Isles, I remain snug as a bug and asleep at my desk. Happy days.


The Lion Roars… or something

22 Feb

I have been something of a slattern in terms of blogging. I have given myself a severe telling off as I have been busy stitching and so producing stuff to blog about but, well, guilty as charged. Anyway, flurry of activity begins here. I am supposed to write for a living after all, not that you’d guess.

First up is what is now referred to as the Aslan top by myself and darling daughter, Little Moo. Does anyone remember the awesome 1970s ish production of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe? How great was that lion? How dare they bump him off in some biblical reenactment? Hurumph. Just because the story said so.

I showed this fabric to my daughter, Little Moo, because she has always loved lions and I thought this was a bit “Converse Lion” (as in the shoe/baseball boot).

Lions. They roar.

Lions. They roar.

Found on the Kitschy Coo website, I managed to buy the last metre of fabric which was just fine (as I think it would have overpowered on the sleeves too) and topped it up with some organic black jersey from Ray Stitch. The pattern: Plantain by Deer and Doe. Of course. If you sew, you can’t have failed to see the prevalence of all manner of  Plantains across the webersphere (my word so piss off, spellcheck).  I first noticed its appearance on Paunnet and decided that it might be worth a punt. Having already dipped my toe in the water with a Lady Skater dress (blog post to follow), I felt a lot more confident about sewing with knits. And as things go, I was mighty pleased with the outcome. It fits. The elbow pads are in the right place. She wears it without any undue pressure. It has been through the wash without disintegrating. Huzzah.

Elbow pads positioned on elbows. A miracle!

Elbow pads positioned on elbows. A miracle!

Sizing-wise, I cut a 40 across the bust and then graded to a 38 at the waist. Yes I know, grading. How improved am I?!!And zut alors, it worked! Look…

Lovely Little Moo

Lovely Little Moo

Now, I think I might quit while I’m ahead. There’s a fair bit to follow, garment-wise so happy Saturday peeps and see you in a while, crocodile.

‘And I’m a goddamn fool, but then again so are you
And the lion’s roar, the lion’s roar
Has me seeking out and searching for you
And I never really knew what to do.’